Sunday, November 9, 2014

In all my years of teaching newbies the biggest problem

In all my years of teaching newbies the biggest problem is traders thinking too much or rushing things or not paying attention to the current or little things or being lazy. Being a good trader means being astute and zen and just focussing on the exact thing you are currently focussing on. Basically like a conscious meditation on the current content. Worrying about other stuff just confuses and takes up brain space needed for current activities. There's so much content to cover u can only learn 1 thing properly at a time. And the education must be in sequential order to build a proper foundation. Meaning don't worry about what and when things in the future will or won't happen. Don't hurry what u are currently working on just to get to the next step. Don't be lazy in your studies or challenges because it builds bad behaviors. Whatever u do in learning is what you'll do In live trading. I just had a new trader taking the challenge like this post and still made a simple error they could've avoided with extra concentration. So Don't just like this post and go on with your studies. Tattoo these words backwards on your forehead or tape them in the center of your steering wheel or on the ceiling above your bed. It's these little things in trading that causes u to fail. It's entering 1000 shares instead of 100. It's placing the stop loss at 10.10 instead of 10.01. It's entering the ticker A instead of AA. It's hitting stocks with < sales in your stock scanner by accident instead of > sales. Take my advice slow down and focus and produce only the highest quality work and u will have the best chance at being a profitable trader. Otherwise u will end up in hell with the other 97% of losing traders. If u like this u better really have focused on each word.

new traders free education from a 10 year pro

New traders just invited to the group Im a 10-year trader who used to be an investment banker. I'm educated on textbook knowledge & teach a totally FREE very high quality traders education program. Im using 100 webinars combined with 10 top trader books instructing everything from technical analysis to fundamental analysis to trader psychology. I also use google hangout for 1-on-1 verbal or video coaching. Then I use paper trading to Develop your own trading system nich. And hold your hand as U go live. If your a newbie or want to brush up feel free to hit me up or read the pinned post at the top of the room to get started. my pleasure!

"who the F I am."

I'm sure a bunch of u new additions to the room see my free mentor program and think to yourself:
"who the F is Reuven Ohr and why should I listen to anything he says?"
I'm not exceptional like warren Buffett but I am as humble most times. I'm just a pajama home trader like many others. The only thing that separates me from most traders is that I'm profitable & textbook knowledgeable. I don't know everything but I do know more than most. I was an extremely successful investment banker from the dot bombs to the housing bubble. On top of that I've studied the art of trading for 10 years which includes technicals, fundamentals & psychology. I trade daily using all different methods & strategies and am one of the most approachable & transparent peeps around. I'm up 19.45% over the past 2 weeks and post every trade in this room live. I am so passionate about trading that I enjoy seeing others learn & excel. You might say I care more about others trading success than themselves at times. So basically that's "who the F I am."

Sunday, September 21, 2014

if I handed you the keys to a jumbo jet airplane

"if I handed you the keys to a jumbo jet airplane filled with your loved ones and you have no idea how to fly it around the world but if u can you will receive $1 million. You've heard of airplanes before. you've seen them before. you might've even been on one before as a passenger. but never flown one yourself. how would you learn or teach yourself to fly that airplane? what methods would you use? would you talk to other best pilots? would you read all the most advanced textbooks and manuals? would you take classes and do study hours to ensure that you were the best pilot possible? Would u do simulators & practice runs? that's exactly what studying and being a trader is like." - RO

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Aapl iwatch isn't expected

Aapl iwatch isn't expected. There's a mixed view on the street. All other company watches failed. Aapl would need to create an entire new category. And from a fundamental view it makes more sense to strictly have just an iPhone 6 event which is their #1 seller to bank off customers in the current quarter. Rather than having those customers choose between phone & watch. Then surprise release mid to end of current quarter with iwatch and get those same iPhone 6 customers on the watch next quarter. Aapl is a fave of mine.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

MK 12 chart challenge

12. Broadening Triangle

11. Sideways Channel

10. Falling Wedge

9. Descending Triangle

8. Ascending Triangle

7. Rising Channel

6. Rising Wedge

5. Rising Broadening Wedge

4. Descending Broadening Wedge

3. Symmetrical Triangle

2. Sideways Wedge

1. Falling Channel

CK 12 chart challenge

1. Sideways Channel

2. Rising Channel

3. Falling Channel

4. Symmetrical Triangle

5. Descending Triangle

6. Ascending Triangle

7. Falling Wedge

8. Broadening Triangle

9. Sideway Wedge

10. Rising Wedge

11. Falling Broadening Wedge

12. Rising Broadening Wedge