Sunday, September 21, 2014

if I handed you the keys to a jumbo jet airplane

"if I handed you the keys to a jumbo jet airplane filled with your loved ones and you have no idea how to fly it around the world but if u can you will receive $1 million. You've heard of airplanes before. you've seen them before. you might've even been on one before as a passenger. but never flown one yourself. how would you learn or teach yourself to fly that airplane? what methods would you use? would you talk to other best pilots? would you read all the most advanced textbooks and manuals? would you take classes and do study hours to ensure that you were the best pilot possible? Would u do simulators & practice runs? that's exactly what studying and being a trader is like." - RO

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Aapl iwatch isn't expected

Aapl iwatch isn't expected. There's a mixed view on the street. All other company watches failed. Aapl would need to create an entire new category. And from a fundamental view it makes more sense to strictly have just an iPhone 6 event which is their #1 seller to bank off customers in the current quarter. Rather than having those customers choose between phone & watch. Then surprise release mid to end of current quarter with iwatch and get those same iPhone 6 customers on the watch next quarter. Aapl is a fave of mine.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

MK 12 chart challenge

12. Broadening Triangle

11. Sideways Channel

10. Falling Wedge

9. Descending Triangle

8. Ascending Triangle

7. Rising Channel

6. Rising Wedge

5. Rising Broadening Wedge

4. Descending Broadening Wedge

3. Symmetrical Triangle

2. Sideways Wedge

1. Falling Channel

CK 12 chart challenge

1. Sideways Channel

2. Rising Channel

3. Falling Channel

4. Symmetrical Triangle

5. Descending Triangle

6. Ascending Triangle

7. Falling Wedge

8. Broadening Triangle

9. Sideway Wedge

10. Rising Wedge

11. Falling Broadening Wedge

12. Rising Broadening Wedge

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reuven Ohr 12 chart challenge

1. Falling broadening wedge

2. Falling wedge

3.  symmetrical triangle

4. ascending triangle

5. rising wedge

6. rising broadening wedge

7. broadening triangle

8. sideways wedge

9. sideways channel

10. falling channel

11.  rising channel

12. descending triangle

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

today 2 bears came out and said the market will crash 30-60%

today 2 bears came out and said the market will crash 30-60% based on central bank fears, FED rate hikes, inflation & a 20-year dow jones technical broadening triangle pattern. its always good to keep an open mind to every perspective. the moment u laugh at someone is the moment you open yourself upto the possibility of that happening. that said and my opinions of the fundamental analysis aside, i just want to point out a flaw in one of the analysts work. abby doolittle is an extremely good chartrist and i have alot of respect for her. but in this case she has done something very wrong & inflamatory. her 20-year broadening triangle to the right has the upper line lifted up and away from the candle tops with air vbetween them as to manipulate your eyes into thinking current price action is meeting resistance and should fall. my chart on the left is drawn touching the tops of al candles perfecdtly and u see we have already broken out above the resistance line which is now acting as support. im not saying we cant fall back inside and im not saying we can crash im simply pointing out her technical error.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

dont trade for the money, trade for the trade:

"what does that title mean to u? its gona mean different things to different traders. we all know 90% traders fail. we also know why they fail. we've all read the books, heard the stories, seen the excuses and problem areas. with emotions being the greatest destroyer. here, i wana only touch upon 1 simple thing, winning. many super-stars like tiger woods only play for it. traders complicate things. many get confused within the activity of trading. others get lost in the mania. but the main error from traders is they get too attached to the money aspect of the trade. going in, you have already decided how much to win & lose. instead of going in and deciding how much the stock price will gain or fall.

yes we trade everyday to make money. and, we all have different motives for these profits. but, how we get to the end results are all different. how i trade is no different than many traders out there. but, how i view the trade is worlds apart from most. most traders see dollar signs. i dont; i only see symbols. most traders see profits & losses, i see plus, minus & %. most traders see good & bad; i see proabilities.

when i enter a trade, i dont think about the name of the company, what they do, or anything about them; except the ticker symbol and price. ive already done all the research and chosen this trade on those merits. i keeps the company element as a non-issue. and since the company is unknown, u dont have any emotional attachment to it. if youre thinking of the company, subconsciously u may be swayed by its history or products, inside the trade. by only knowing the ticker removes that, all is left is the ticker & price. and since the ticker doesnt matter, all i see is price. ive completely narrowed the equasion down to 1 element - price. in a sophisticated game of so many components, to be able to remove as many elements as possible is king. once i notice the price, i instantly remove the dollar sign. now ive gone a step further in simplifying the task. all im left with is a simple number. it could be 5.25, 26.37 or 16.92; doesnt matter. all it is is an arbitrary number. select the amount of shares for your trade and enter.

the price will fluctuate up and down. but, the rise or fall is in no way emotional. its simply methodical. u got your target and stop-loss known, the rest is just the numbers playing out. but, the good thing about a trade of just numbers, is all the emotion is removed. u dont get excited about 50 cents up or down, cause its not 50 cents, its 50 ticks; or 50 moves away from the number u began with. or a few % from where u started. but not money up or down. strictly mechanical.

emotion is the killer of profits. and it destroys traders heads and hearts. by only knowing a few letters and numbers, all that is gone. yeah, youll still have the excitement that your number goes up; and poor thoughts when it goes down; thats natural. but, in-time, those emotions will be removed aswell. and, all youll be left with with hard letters and numbers, that hold & represent no emotion at all.

i dont look at how much im making; i dont really care. for me, the activity of trading is for the activity of trading, because i love the activity of trading. the money comes when the positive numbers are greater than the negatives. and i know if i concentrate like a laser on just the numbers, symbols and patterns, ill win. i dont care how much i win, and how long it takes. in-time money will be there. for me, its a contest of getting that number to be higher after the trade, then when i entered. the best way to do that is to ignore all the elements that take u away from that success. and those elements are all attached to emotion. be a rock-solid unemotional machine, who isnt swayed by anything lucid; and youll have the best probability of making money, in the end." - RO