Thursday, December 18, 2014

JM testimonial

Jeff Mc
Take the Reuven Ohr Chart Challenge! If you are here in this group to improve your trading, the best way to do that is to start by take Reuven’s chart challenge. It’s a no brainer. He has a wealth of information he is willing to pass on to you. All you have to do is absorb it. Yes, Reuven is VERY hard on you. EVERY LITTLE FREAKIN THING HAS TO BE PERFECT! What’s the matter? You afraid to learn how to trade perfectly? I promise you the market is going to be even harder on you if you don’t know what you are doing and it’s going to beat you up and take all your money, much more in fact than the $5/webinar total that Reuven is charging. Reuven will get to know you and he will help you along the way taking care to guide you on an individual basis at almost any time of day or night. He’s been there every step of the way at a moment’s notice for me. And what I respect most about Reuven is his ability to apologize. We are all human.
Personally I came to this group looking for a way to improve my trading discipline, and most importantly the psychological side of my trading process. It is clearly apparent that I will learn so much more than just how to conquer that. In 9 charts I have already learned so much about myself it is incredible. And like a trader should tweak his/her process with changes in market conditions, I am tweaking how I approach my homework based on this new knowledge so that I may improve.
I have learned in my journey (prior to here) to become a successful trader that:
What a trader does in life WILL directly affect their trading and it WILL show up in your view of charts, your trading plan, your process, and your P&L.
You just have to figure out what IT is and maybe you can like I am starting to with Reuven's help. IT will show up in the homework you do for Reuven. If you are here to learn anything about trading, TAKE THE CHALLENGE and learn from Reuven. I have no doubt he is a Master Technician.

zsm testimonial

Okay, I'll jump on this band wagon  If anyone deserves praise, its Reuven. The that impresses me the most about Reuven(other than the fact his name is Reuven, how cool is that?!) is that he is truly a mentor. He isn't some guru looking to make money off of newbies that don't know any better (see Tim Sykes). If you look up mentor on Google, the definition it gives is 'an experienced and trusted adviser.' Reuven is the epitome of the word mentor. If you give him the respect he deserves, he will do absolutely anything for you. I have spent hours upon hours working through charts with him, making every detail as perfect as humanly possible. He genuinely cares about his students. Not only does he push me to be the best chartist(can't really call myself a trader yet, haven't got that far) I can be, we frequently talk about what his going on in my life. He probably knows more about my everyday life than my family does.
The point I'm trying to make is, you will never meet someone with more knowledge and complete willingness to share it. He will not baby you through things, he won't sugar coat anything, but if you are dedicated, there is nothing he won't do to make sure you succeed. If you are not taking this challenge, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Take the challenge, make the investment, you will lose way more that $1,000 if you don't, I promise you.

bm testimonial

he 12 and let me tell you – it is a true challenge. As he drives you (nuts at times) to perfection, no taking short cuts – and he is ALWAYS there to answer your questions. I have had some of my learnings moments when I was chatting with him on Hangout. No matter what time of the day and how much time is required. He gives it you.
The reason I wrote he is a mentor because he is not just giving training and you are done – he is breaking it down into small pieces of training and with the chart challenge helping us with getting better at recognizing patterns but more so how to be focused on them – as that be the difference between profit and loss and you making it as a trader or not. He is mentor because he has been there and is good at what he is doing. And newbies like me – need a trainer and a mentor to take it to next level. You are missing out on a Golden opportunity if don’t take him up on his “Bootcamp”.
I have started the challenge – why haven’t you!!!

ck testimonial

sometimes hurt our ego..
Many of you probably don't know but I live on the other side of the world and about 15hrs ahead, but when ever i ask question or post a chart i get respond back in matter of MINUTES. That show his dedication to help. Yes there are plenty of institutions, presenters, teachers out there but you got a ask the question will they look at my chart / strategy any time of the day, any day of the week and better yet will they be available at all when i need help.
Also I found through many of Reuven's webinars there are chart patterns that are not commonly known but looking at history shows very high probability of achieving the target.
So Reuven, thank you for all your support, so far this has been a journey with lots of knowledge gain about trading as well as personal development to accept criticism and self discipline

RU testimonial

I'll keep this short and simple. Reuven is a master at technical analysis. A MASTER. Very few people become masters at anything in life. He was soo helpful to me when i was first starting out I will never forget that kindness. The light was always on. Always patient. Always eager to help and happy to see me grow. I still remember doing those candlestick webinars by steve bigalow (belthold candles!) and how thrilled and fascinated i was by anything new-- head and shoulders, reverse head and shoulders, rising wedges, falling wedges, shooting stars, morning stars, fib retrace, fib fan etc etc.... I asked sooooooooo many questions, and you took the time to answer and explain every. single. one... Not many people are made to be teachers in this world. Reuven is. Thankyou again for all of your help and guidance. You truly made a difference!

BG testimonial

Reuven Ohr the man, the myth, the legend. Over the past 3 years RO has taught me things I would have spent years searching for and being mislead. RO is the most transparent, honest, and genuine online trader and teacher I have ever met. Through RO's one-on-one assistance I have banked my best gains. I am only a beginner, and have only read 2 for RO's suggested books. If you stay committed RO will help you succeed. He isn't on FB trying to earn cash, claiming he has amazing picks. It's up to you to find 'em, RO gives you all the tools and more to bank gains. I want to say thank-you to Reuven for all his time and teachings. RO will take this page to amazing heights!

Monday, December 15, 2014

appreciate the opportunity to trade another day

u really dont know anything about trading the market. every day u enter the market with a probability of being correct. u also realize theres a relative & equal probability of being incorrect. appreciate the opportunity to trade another day. everything i know is from traders before me that have offered their opinions or findings of what possibly may exist in the market at anytime, and what has worked best for them. my own experience & niche has shown me a few unique things aswell. most importantly i trade my account with the highest level of respect, i know its my life-line. if i use all techniques & principles shown to be the best methodology, while i removing the interference of myself from the equation the best i can. at the end of the day, the chips will always fall where they will. i only control my entries, exits & stop-losses. if i manage to place those actions at the highest probable locations, i might be able to continue succeeding."